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    Trauma-Informed Approach Webinar

    How can social service and nonprofit programs be designed to identify and address the consequences of trauma? 

    View the recording of our Trauma-Informed Approach Webinar, a core component in the Program Quality Roadmap.


    Dontaè Roberts, LCSW – Racial and Economic Equity Consultant

    Dontae’ Roberts is a licensed clinical social worker, doctoral student, and experienced clinical researcher and evaluator. Currently, he is a Child Well-Being Fellow and Fatherhood Fellow and the principal investigator of a study titled, “Understanding the Impact of Racial Trauma on African American Fathers’ Mental Health.” He is also a lecturer at UNC- Greensboro. Dontae’ holds a BS and MSW in Social Work and is working towards completion of his PhD.

    Ken Epstein, PhD, LCSW – Founder, P.R.E.P. for Change Consulting

    Dr. Ken Epstein, PhD, LCSW works as a consultant helping individuals, couples, families, organizations and communities repair, heal and promote collaborative culture change by improving everyday practices, organizational structures and focusing on workforce development through direct practice, planning, teaching and facilitation. Ken has spent his career dedicated to Children, Youth and Family Mental Health providing direct service, teaching and in clinical and administrative leadership positions. Prior to his retirement in September of 2018, he served as the Director of the Children Youth and Family System of Care for San Francisco’s Behavioral Health Services since 2012.


    Abby Alexanian –  Project Director,  Root Cause

    Alekhya Chaparala –  Project Manager,  Root Cause

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