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How can we...

reduce racial disparities in infant mortality and maternal health?


How can we...

bring organizations together to act for a common purpose?

How can we...

help nonprofits survive and thrive in challenging times?

How can we...


economic opportunities for vulnerable families?

How can we...

help students achieve college and career readiness and success?

How can we...

create meaningful pathways for workforce development?

Root Cause is a nonprofit consulting team that helps drive effective and enduring social change.

Our mission is to empower communities to build, improve, and sustain social change initiatives that enable all people to thrive. Since 2004, we’ve helped over 400 nonprofits, public agencies, philanthropists, and other funders achieve their goals while advancing racial and economic equity and justice.


More than 400 organizations - including foundations, nonprofits, public agencies, and more - have partnered with Root Cause to improve people’s lives.

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