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Field Notes

Field Notes is our practice-oriented blog for observations, insights, and updates from our team.

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April 2021 Newsletter: Reflections on Trust and Adaptability

We did not know what was ahead, but these 4 simple priorities helped us hold our center and know what was called for in each moment.

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Key Insights from Social Service Providers about How They’ve Adapted during the Pandemic

Root Cause wanted to better understand how social service providers have dealt with these challenges. Our goal was to learn about how organizations have adapted to support their staff and better serve their communities during the pandemic.

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How Nonprofits & Social Service Providers Can Survive the Pandemic and Thrive Post-Recovery

Many of our cohort programs have found CQI to be a useful tool to navigate the challenges of delivering services in a pandemic. Rather than being just “one more thing to do,” CQI coaching has provided the tools necessary to approach new pandemic challenges.

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