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Field Notes

Field Notes is our practice-oriented blog for observations, insights, and updates from our team.

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2022 National Partnership for Educational Access’s (NPEA) Annual Conference

Principal Consultant, Colette Stanzler, presented on about how equity is essential to performance measurement and discuss ways your data collection and reporting practices can support equity.

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March 2022 Newsletter

Bringing stakeholders together to develop effective solutions and strategies that ultimately lead to change – that is the goal of our services in facilitation and convening.

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Staff Spotlight Podcast: A conversation with Consuela Greene

Listen, watch or read Root Cause’s Executive Director, Erin Rodriguez​​​​​​​, interview Principal Consultant, Consuela Greene. Learn about why she is driven to do her work, where her special ability to bring people together and facilitate groups comes from, and her excitement about the future of Root Cause and the social sector.

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