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Methods are the practical, repeatable approaches that we test, adapt, and apply in our projects.

Continuous Quality Improvement Framework

This Continuous Quality Improvement framework provides a foundation for direct service programs to determine how well they are doing and where to focus and improve their capacity for learning and improvement.

CQI Process for Social Service Providers

This Method summarizes the process through which Root Cause strengthens the capacity of social service programs to practice continuous quality improvement (CQI).

Continuous Quality Improvement Cycle

The Continuous Quality Improvement Cycle is a series of steps – Plan, Do, Study, Act – for structuring a CQI practice. It is part of our CQI Process for Social Service Providers.

Collective Action Framework

Collective action is the action taken together by a group of people who share knowledge, resources, and effort to achieve a common purpose. This framework summarizes key elements of Root Cause's approach to helping partners design, implement, and measure collective action initiatives.
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