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Continuous Quality Improvement Cycle

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a process of collecting, analyzing & using data to improve the quality of services or products on an ongoing basis. Put simply, CQI helps teams “get better at getting better.”

The Continuous Quality Improvement Cycle is a series of steps – Plan, Do, Study, Act – for structuring a CQI practice.  It is part of our CQI Process for Social Service Providers.

1. Plan

–  Propose an experiment & hypothesis, i.e., a new or different approach to test

–  Develop specific plan for testing & include in creating a Capacity Improvement Plan

–  Identify key roles & resource needs

–  Define time frame & measures of success 

2. Do

–  Prepare to implement the Capacity Improvement Plan

–  Implement the Capacity Improvement Plan

–  Collect documentation & data

3. Study

–  Track results & analyze impact

–  Share results with team

–  Identify possible adjustments

–  Identify & celebrate learnings & successes 

4. Act

–  Adopt successful practices

–  Make adjustments where needed

–  Determine what more needs to be done and/or learned

–  Set up for next round

Root Cause helps partners to collect, understand, and use data to deepen and expand their impact on people and families.

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