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Root Cause supports our partners in creating strategies, structures, and processes that level-up their work and drive greater mission achievement. We do so through a “web” of services—each of which can stand alone or be combined with others to create a holistic approach to the challenge at hand.

Our approach to collaboration is intentionally inclusive and designed for lasting impact: 

  • We create a customized, participatory approach to engage your unique community members and organizational leaders.
  • We provide capacity building that helps teams integrate a strong, explicit organization-wide commitment to racial and economic equity and social justice into  everyday practices.
  • We foster a culture of curiosity that fuels and sustains operational, programmatic, and other organizational improvements.

Collective Action

Are you interested in bringing stakeholders together to launch a collective action effort in a particular social issue area?


Continuous Learning & Improvement

Would you like to develop performance measurement tools, processes, and systems to measure progress towards your organization’s intended outcomes?


Strategy, Design & Implementation

Is your organization in need of research and analysis to make tough decisions about (or improvements in) program services, resource allocation, budgeting, and more?

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