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Focus Areas

A person experiences success when they achieve key milestones and progress from one stage of life to another, from a healthy birth, to a quality education, a well-paying job, and healthy and secure aging. To help people achieve these milestones, Root Cause partners with foundations, non-profit organizations, businesses, school districts, and public agencies in three key issue areas: improving people’s health and well-being, increasing education and youth development outcomes, and strengthening the economic security of people and families nationwide.

Health & Well-Being

We work with partners to improve access to quality health services, reduce the health inequities at every stage of life, and enable more people to achieve sound mental and physical health.


Education & Youth Development

We are committed to supporting education and youth development outcomes at every stage of life, from early childhood through college and career readiness and lifelong learning.


Economic Security

We help partners advance strategies for increasing equitable access to economic opportunity and security for more people. Though projects focused on workforce development, small business success, stable housing, and chronic homelessness, we are working to eliminate barriers and enable more people to live financially secure lives.

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