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Root Cause has been called “a catalyst for the nonprofit sector,” “suited for groups really committed to change,” and “purpose-driven consultants.” (We have also been called “amazing humans,” —we’re pretty proud of that one!) 

Our team has decades of professional and lived experience in many social issue areas, including: health and well-being; education and youth development; and economic mobility. For every project, we tap into our collective wisdom—gained through work in nonprofit direct service as well as from the government, philanthropic, and corporate sectors. We bring a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to bear on our strategy, collective action, and continuous learning and improvement work.  Our skill set includes strategic advising, coaching, facilitation, research and analysis, data collection, performance measurement, assessment and evaluation, program design, relationship development and management, project management, and hands-on implementation support.

Open Positions

There are no open positions at this time

We value the people who work for and with Root Cause; and therefore, we build our organizational structures, policies, norms, and culture with our people at the center. The people who work at Root Cause are the source of our creativity, productivity, and quality; our people drive our mission achievement and create everything we produce with our partners. To truly be working towards our mission and goals, we know we must live it from the inside out. On our projects, we work to center people and communities. Similarly, in our organization, we center our people and the community that is Root Cause. Valuing our people means valuing and prioritizing the conditions that set them up for success professionally and personally — and paying careful attention to the impacts of organizational decisions on individual staff members and on the team as a whole.

Compensation and Benefits Approach and Structure

As a small, nonprofit consultancy whose quality is dependent on the people who work for us, salary and benefits are our highest expense and our highest priority. We believe in pay that is equitable within the organization, that is fair for the cost of living in the Greater Boston region, and that is competitive in order to attract and retain talented staff and consultants. We believe in benefits that provide a high quality of life, such as generous paid time off, high quality, affordable healthcare, and incentives for retirement savings. Currently, we apply the following practices to our compensation and benefits structure: 

  1. No full-time staff salary is lower than ⅓ of the highest full-time staff salary. 
  2. Staff who are in the same functional role make the same salary.

Committment to Racial and Economic Equity and Justice

ROOT CAUSE BELIEVES IN THE RIGHTS OF ALL HUMANS to have access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare; we also believe in their right to safety, and their right to thrive in loving and well-resourced communities. Over our history, our clients and partners have primarily focused on those rights and needs and our success is pinned to theirs through our support of their work…

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