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J Dontae’ Roberts

Senior Consultant

Dontae”s life journey has led him to become a licensed clinical social worker
(LCSW), doctoral student, and a clinical researcher; but his highest and most
important role is being a father. Currently, he is a Child Well-Being Fellow and
Fatherhood Fellow and the principal investigator of a study titled, “Understanding
the Impact of Racial Trauma on African American Fathers’ Mental Health”, which
is a mix methods study and a timely project due to our current racial climate. He also
work with fathers, as a clinician and researcher, a lecturer at UNC- Greensboro,
and works as a quality management clinical coordinator. Previously, Dontae’ has
worked on several pilot studies investigating mental health, primary care,
fatherhood, and program evaluation. He has a strong commitment to serving
disenfranchised families, including homelessness, fathers, persons affected by
disease, and Veterans. His versatile experience includes, program development,
qualitative and quantitative research methods, counseling with SMI with adults and
veterans, case management, medical and clinical case management, and crisis

Dontae’ intends to utilize all of his experiences to contribute to the astonishing team of Root Cause. “It is still surreal that I can add to the astounding work already done
and I look forward to seeing the result of our collaboration” – Dontae’ Roberts

Current Root Cause Projects:

Dontae’ is working on our Social Service Quality Framework with a focus on racial and economic equity.

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