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Field Notes

Leading Roundtable Discussions at the MA Nonprofit Network Conference

Erin Rodriguez
October 20, 2023

Root Cause presented at the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Annual Conference last Thursday, 10/19, in Worcester, MA! Root Causers Erin Rodriguez , Bre Clinkscales, Lucas Orwig, and Consuela Greene led 2 roundtable discussions — one about how to successfully implement your organization’s strategic plan and the other about practical steps to take in developing DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion, & justice) strategies. Continue reading below for more information and resources from the conference!

“Our plan is done, what’s next? Engaging staff at every level in strategic action based on your values” 

Led by Root Cause Executive Director Erin Rodriguez and Project Associate Bre Clinkscales, this roundtable discussion examined how organizations can translate a strategic plan into strategic action and keep staff at every level engaged and informed about the work that moves your most important strategies forward. 

For more information about Root Cause’s strategic planning and implementation process, check out the resources below:

From Vision to Reality: Manifesting Equity” 

Led by Root Cause Managing Director Consuela Greene and Project Director Lucas Orwig, this roundtable discussion addressed the critical steps needed to move a DEIJ effort forward from an aspiration to a concrete strategy ready for implementation.  This discussion looked at how to approach essential initial steps, such as gathering perspectives, recruiting a strategy development team, and establishing shared values. The discussion also examined how to anticipate and navigate potential challenges, so that those involved can be prepared to move through difficult conversations rather than allowing conflict to derail the effort before it has even begun.

If you are interested in learning more about these topics,  Root Cause’s commitment to Racial and Economic Equity and Social Justice, and how they show up in our work with our partners, reach out to us! 

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