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Consuela Greene

Managing Director | she/her

Headshot of Consuela Greene

Consuela is an experienced strategist, facilitator, trainer, organizer, researcher, and faith leader. She has an unwavering commitment to racial justice, which is shaped by her lived experience, vocational path, and lifelong commitment to learning and growth. Her work is steeped in the experience of growing up in a Boston neighborhood most impacted by poverty and systematic oppression, which taught her the power of grassroots organizing, leadership, and community power. She focuses her work on lifting up and centering people as experts in their own lives. People most impacted by systemic racism and inequity are vital partners to re-imagine and co-design the emergent and  just world that we need.  

Over the past 20 years, she has contributed to a variety of local and national efforts in the areas of community transformation, early childhood, positive youth development, reproductive health, school-family-community partnerships in K-12 education, and workforce development. At Root Cause, Consuela works across a range of service areas with partners to achieve their goals while advancing racial and economic equity and justice by way of strategy and implementation, collective action and engagement, and continuous quality improvement in social services. In addition to her work at Root Cause, she is Consuela is also a founding member of the national #NoTeenShame Collaborative, and a Minister at Myrtle Baptist Church in West Newton, MA.

Current and Past Projects: 

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