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The Meaningful Youth Employment Initiative: A Philanthropic Campaign to Increase Community Based Jobs – 2016 Investment Guide



BNY Mellon

The Boston Foundation

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley



Meaningful Youth Employment Investment Guide 2016


This report serves as a guide for how funders can support meaningful employment by investing in quality programs and integrating evidence-based recommendations into grant making.

The Meaningful Youth Employment Initiative was a philanthropic campaign to increase wages and support for youth, ages 13-24, in Boston neighborhoods with high levels of violence. The campaign was started by The Youth Violence Prevention Funder Learning Collaborative, a network of over 50 public and private funders and nonprofits dedicated to decreasing youth violence in the City of Boston. The Collaborative worked to inform and motivate public and private funders to invest in meaningful employment opportunities for young people by supporting the quantity and quality of jobs in community based organizations (CBOs). This report serves as a guide for funders looking to invest in meaningful employment for Boston’s youth. Read the full guide to:


  • Gain a better understanding of the benefits meaningful employment has as a youth violence prevention method.
  • Recommendations for funding meaningful employment opportunities  in community based organizations.


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