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Careers Pathway Framework: An Approach to Addressing Youth Violence


Margaret Leipsitz

Stephanie Koh

Liana Paris

Rukmini Reddy


BNY Mellon

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

The Boston Foundation



Career Pathways Framework: An Approach to Addressing Youth Violence


This framework is designed to support comprehensive resource development and capacity building of programs for youth living in Boston neighborhoods with high rates of violent crime.

The Career Pathways Framework outlines common language, definitions, practices, measures, and outcomes to serve as a launching pad for cross-sector dialogue, collaboration, and action. These resources intend to support programming for youth, ages 10-24, living neighborhoods with high rates of violent crime in order to put them on a path to positive youth development and meaningful employment. The Framework was initiated by The Youth Violence Prevention Funder Learning Collaborative, a network of over 50 public and private funders and nonprofits dedicated to decreasing youth violence in the City of Boston. The Career Pathways Frameworks intends to:


  • Create common definitions, language, and practices around six integrated levers that will enable funders and providers to build consistent supportive services for youth across all programs.
  • Provide guidance for practical ways to resource and provide services in each of six key levers.
  • Foster collaboration within and among organizations, programs, and funders to reduce costs and duplication.
  • Build a common vision and priorities for funders and programs to advocate together for youth in their programs.
  • Integrate community resources together and affirm the importance of all youth-serving organizations in the Framework’s implementation and success.
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