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Field Notes

October 2022 Newsletter

Erin Rodriguez
October 13, 2022

After more than two years of enduring the uncertainties and difficulties of the pandemic, many of us find ourselves feeling depleted and unable to muster enthusiasm about tackling a new assignment or challenge. Juggling professional, personal, and caretaking demands can leave even the most energetic and creative staff exhausted. That’s why we continue to focus on building a strong and supportive work culture at Root Cause.  From flexible work schedules to No Meeting Fridays, we are trying to build an organization where we trust and enable each person to do what they need to, and we provide support to each other whenever help is needed. We’re learning a lot about what works along the way and want to share it with our community. 

Read Part I of our series on some of the ways we’re trying to practice trust and flexibility and build the foundation for a successful team!

Included in this Newsletter:

  • FIELD NOTE: Building a Strong and Supportive Work Culture
  • PUBLICATION: Biogen START Year 4 Annual Report

  • PODCAST: A Conversation with Colette Stanzler
  • STAFF SPOTLIGHTS: Omotoyosi Saint-Cyr, Mina Ohashi, and Shiko Rugene


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