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Field Notes

November 2022 Newsletter

Erin Rodriguez
December 2, 2022

Root Cause’s organizational culture is grounded in the values that we articulated in our 2022 Strategic Plan. One of these values is knowing that people are central to our success and their value must be centered in our internal culture and our external collaborations. One of our goals in the coming year is to clearly understand our own team’s well-being and satisfaction in the context of Root Cause and to improve where we need to. We know that this well-being and satisfaction starts from the moment we first engage with applicants. We also want to provide  a well-paced, caring, and interesting onboarding and integration experience for every new hire. To learn more about our onboarding approach from one of our newest staff members, Read Part 2 of our series on ways that we are practicing trust and flexibility.

Included in this Newsletter:

  • FIELD NOTE: Root Cause’s Best Practices for Onboarding in a Remote-First or Hybrid Workplace
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Get to Know Root Cause’s New Board Members
  • LEARNING SERIES: Strengthening a Collective Action Backbone
  • PROJECT: Strengthening Boston-Area Nonprofits with Capacity-Building Coaching


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