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Field Notes

June 2023 Newsletter

Erin Rodriguez
June 20, 2023

Root Cause helps partners, program participants, and community members undertake strategic planning processes to develop roadmaps for the future, design and launch new initiatives, strengthen existing programs and processes, and implement strategies for greater impact. No two strategic planning projects are the same, just as no two organizations are the same. Strategic planning can look like:

  • Analyzing current programs to see whether they’re meeting participants’ needs and how they can be adjusted.
  • Exploring new revenue streams and adopting new strategies for financial diversification and sustainability.
  • Thinking through the best ways to serve new geographic areas or population groups and developing a scaling and implementation plan to do so.

What remains the same across all of Root Cause’s strategic planning projects is our approach: flexible, adaptive, intentionally inclusive, data-driven, actionable, and sustainable. Learn more about our strategic planning process and explore some of our strategic planning projects below.

Included in this Newsletter:

  • PROJECTS: Girlstart, Boston Public Schools, Byte Back, Campaign for Black Male Achievement 
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Launch of Root Cause’s Instagram!
  • LEARN MORE: About Strategy, Design, and Implementation Services at Root Cause


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