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The Biogen Foundation STAR Initiative & Cambridge Public Schools Impact Report


Sonja Okun

Khari Milner, Co-Director, Cambridge Agenda for Children & Out of School Time

Steve Smith, Chief Information Officer, Cambridge Public Schools


Cambridge Public Schools

The Biogen Foundation




This white paper highlights the benefits that The Biogen Foundation STAR Initiative’s Cambridge Data Specialist/Data Manager position has had for Cambridge Public Schools (CPS). By adding capacity to the district’s efforts to capture and assess the impact of out-of-school-time (OST) programs, STAR’s data sharing and analysis are helping programs better meet students’ needs, enabling CPS to understand the external supports students benefit from the most, and providing more insight into trends in math and science. The increased capacity of Information, Communication & Technology Services (ICTS) to manage all participation data of partner OST programs and measure impacts on student performance has grown beyond the scope of The Biogen Foundation STAR project. The enhanced ability for CPS to track and report out on student participation and impacts has the potential for long-lasting impacts.
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