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    Field Notes

    Webinar: Boston WINs: A Case Study in Collective Action

    June 5, 2020

    Host:  Philanthropy Massachusetts


    –  Colette Stanzler, Principal, Root Cause (Moderator)

    –  Amanda Northrop, Vice President, State Street Foundation

    –  Katie Hill, Director, College Advising Corps

    –  Jonathan Rosenthal, Assistant Director, Boston Private Industry Council

    Date:  Thursday, June 4

    Time:  10:00 –  11:15

    Who is this for?  Grantmakers & Philanthropic Advisors


    We can do more to tackle social issues when we work together through collective action than we can when we pursue our missions individually. 

    The importance of collective action is even greater in times of crisis and uncertainty.  Do you find gaps in the services being provided among grantees? Are there redundancies and duplicate services being provided for people and communities? Do some groups receive more services than they need, while others receive less?  How is service delivery adapting to crisis and uncertainty?  How do you work with grantees to intentionally coordinate services and share data in order to serve more people and communities with greater efficiency and impact?   

    Join the State Street Foundation and Root Cause, a nonprofit consulting group, and local nonprofits for a discussion about strategies for aligning and coordinating grantee service delivery around common goals for participants.  Drawing from the success of the six-year Boston Workforce Investment Network (Boston WINS) collective action initiative, learn about the following:

    –  Core elements of a collective action framework, with a focus on shared measurement systems.

    –  Challenges and opportunities in aligning grantee services around common goals for participants. 

    –  Adaptation of service delivery and collect action to virtual models due to crisis and uncertainty.

    –  Takeaways for funders on how to support the collective efforts of grantees. 

    A moderated conversation will explore questions including:

    –  What conditions need to be in place in order for collective action to happen between multiple stakeholders?

    –  How do stakeholders working on collective action track progress towards agreed upon outcomes and maintain transparency about successes and challenges?

    –  How do service providers maintain quality while adapting program design and offering virtual services?

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