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January 2022 Newsletter

Erin Rodriguez
January 31, 2022

As 2022 swings into full gear, we at Root Cause are finishing a new strategic plan.  As a recovering setter of impossible New Year’s resolutions, it’s a very tempting time to create an overly ambitious action plan, to set lofty goals and transform ourselves into a “perfect” organization.  Luckily, as a nonprofit consulting team that helps drive transformative change, Root Cause has been focused on improvement for a very long time. We know that change is best made with a spirit of curiosity, with an honest understanding of our current performance, and by setting achievable goals paired with actionable steps to achieve them. Transformative change is best accomplished by a team of people supporting each other, celebrating success, documenting what works, and finding ways to adapt our approaches to achieve meaningful outcomes in the face of inevitable disruption. In this newsletter, we are sharing with you two performance measurement projects that highlight that approach, plus our revamped Program Quality Resource Library (with new publications and tools), and spotlights on two new team members. We hope you will enjoy them. We look forward to sharing our strategic planning goals with all of you soon and checking in with progress updates on our action steps.

Erin Rodriguez 

Included in this Newsletter:

  • PROJECT: Aligning Performance Measurement with Community Needs for a Family Foundation

  • PROJECT: Measuring the Impact of an Early Childhood Framework

  • STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Welcome Cosette & Kylie

  • RESOURCE: Program Quality Resource Library
  • WEBINAR: Strengthening Performance Measurement and Data Capacity


Learn more about Continuous Quality Improvement for social service providers at our Continuous Quality Improvement Resource Library.
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