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Field Notes

Webinar: Nonprofit Sustainability & Adaptability: Experiences on the Ground

May 5, 2020

Presenters:  Andrew Wolk, CEO & Founder, Colette Stanzler, Principal, and Abby Fung, Managing Director, Partnerships & Practice Management

Date:  May 5, 2020

Who is this for?  This webinar is designed for the grantmakers that fund nonprofit direct social service programs.

Root Cause invites grant-makers to a conversation with nonprofit leaders about how direct service providers are navigating the Covid-19 crisis, including:

What does program delivery look like on the ground?

How can funders help nonprofits think about and plan for financial sustainability? 

What do nonprofits want foundations to know?

We will draw from insights and reflections gathered from more than 400 nonprofit leaders who have joined us for our ongoing series of webinars for direct service providers.  Joining us in the session will be Katie Hill, Director of College Advising Corps (Boston University Chapter), and Patti Learman, Program Director of Parents as Teachers (Guilford County).

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