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Field Notes

October 2023 Newsletter

Erin Rodriguez
October 25, 2023

When Root Cause recently conducted our own strategic planning, this is how we articulated one of our four core values: 

People: We value the people who work for and with Root Cause; and therefore, we build our organizational structures, policies, norms, and culture with our people at the center. The people who work at Root Cause are the source of our creativity, productivity, and quality; our people drive our mission achievement and create everything we produce with our partners. 

To truly be working towards our mission and goals, we know we must live it from the inside out. On our projects, we work to center people and communities. Similarly, within our organization, we center our people and the community that is Root Cause. 

During our strategic planning process, we worked with Caravan Brand Partners to obtain feedback from our clients and partners. These conversations brought back quotes like “Everyone there really LISTENS” and “When you work with Root Cause, you’re on a learning journey together, from beginning to end.”  My favorite one of all was “Amazing humans” because that’s how I feel about the people that make up Root Cause.   

In this newsletter and all over our website, you’ll find examples of just who these amazing humans are and what they help our clients accomplish.  If you have an organizational challenge we can help with, please reach out to one of our amazing humans here.    

Included in this Newsletter:

  • UPCOMING EVENT: Wall of Wonder Community Engagement Event in Springfield, MA with North End Community Connects
  • FIELD NOTE: Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Conference Roundtable Discussions
  • FIELD NOTE: Aligning Values and Setting Purpose-Driven Goals with Bre Clinkscales
  • STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Welcome Ashley Lee!
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Launch of Root Cause’s Medium account



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