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FOR FUNDERS: The Power of Funder & Community Partnerships in Collective Action

In community-led collective action or collaboratives, what does it mean for funders to partner with community? Why is this kind of partnership so critical for success?

Join our webinar on February 22 to learn more about funder & community partnerships, best practices for driving collective change, and how partnership evolves over time in support of a community’s goals.

This 90-minute webinar starting at 2:30pm EST will feature panelists from a collective action initiative in Springfield, MA with the MassMutual Foundation. Panelists representing the funder and the backbone organization will share best practices and learnings about how to engage and partner with the community.


Madeline Landrau – Director of Strategic Giving, Mass Mutual Foundation

Madeline joined MassMutual in 1996 and currently works on the Community Responsibility team overseeing the MassMutual Foundation’s portfolio and associated relationship management, working with nonprofit organizations primarily in MassMutual’s home office community of Springfield, Mass. She is the lead for LifeBridgeSM, MassMutual’s free life insurance program that offers free life insurance coverage to eligible parents for the benefit of their children’s education. Under her leadership, the LifeBridgeSM program has given away more than $708 million in free life insurance across the U.S. Active in community affairs, Madeline has a devout interest in mentoring young Latinas, providing informal mentoring and coaching, guiding them to make sound decisions, develop socially, and enhance their educational skills.  Madeline is proud to be the first Latina trustee of Westfield State University, appointed by former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. She is a trustee of Baystate Health Foundation, board member of the Springfield Regional Chamber, and was recently named Vice President of Mi Museo Committee for the Springfield Museum. Lastly, Madeline is a member of the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA), the largest Latino organization with more than 95,000 members across the country. 

Matthew Konsa – Community Financial Well-being Strategy, Mass Mutual Foundation

Matthew Konsa oversees Community Financial Well-being Strategy for MassMutual’s Community Responsibility and MassMutual Foundation teams. In this role, he helps drive the success of several local and national partnerships and initiatives focused on expanding economic opportunity and increasing financial resilience, including the Foundation’s portfolios of nonprofit grantees in MassMutual’s home office communities of Springfield and Boston.  Matthew brings several years of experience in building financial well-being to his current role, including program leadership at Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, a leading social enterprise in the field of financial inclusion, and teaching financial coaching at Columbia University’s School of Social Work. 

Jasarah Burgos-Dilán – Chief of Community Engagement, New North Citizens Council 

As the current Chief of Community Engagement for New North Citizens Council in Springfield, MA, Jasarah, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to fostering community relations. An expert in Family and Community Engagement, she is known for their innovative approach to professional development, especially in building the capacities of Family Engagement professionals across western Massachusetts. Jasarah’s work transcends traditional roles, blending expertise with a deep commitment to community activism. Driven by the belief in collective effort, she is at the forefront of initiatives aimed at improving the community. This dedication is fueled by a vision to leave a lasting legacy for future generations and to instigate meaningful, impactful changes within organizations. With a career marked by advocacy, leadership, and a passion for community betterment, Jasarah continues to be a pivotal figure in shaping a more engaged, informed, and cohesive community in Springfield and beyond.

Consuela Greene – Managing Director, Root Cause

Consuela is an experienced strategist, facilitator, trainer, organizer, researcher, and faith leader. She has an unwavering commitment to racial justice, which is shaped by her lived experience, vocational path, and lifelong commitment to learning and growth. Her work is steeped in the experience of growing up in a Boston neighborhood most impacted by poverty and systematic oppression, which taught her the power of grassroots organizing, leadership, and community power. She focuses her work on lifting up and centering people as experts in their own lives. People most impacted by systemic racism and inequity are vital partners to re-imagine and co-design the emergent and  just world that we need.  

Over the past 20 years, she has contributed to a variety of local and national efforts in the areas of community transformation, early childhood, positive youth development, reproductive health, school-family-community partnerships in K-12 education, and workforce development. At Root Cause, Consuela works across a range of service areas with partners to achieve their goals while advancing racial and economic equity and justice by way of strategy and implementation, collective action and engagement, and continuous quality improvement in social services. In addition to her work at Root Cause, she is Consuela is also a founding member of the national #NoTeenShame Collaborative, and a Minister at Myrtle Baptist Church in West Newton, MA.

Colette Stanzler – Managing Director, Root Cause

Colette partners with funders, nonprofits, and government agencies to understand and implement best practices based on research and strengthen their performance measurement systems to measure success. Colette also works on collective action initiatives to facilitate coordination among multiple stakeholders across sectors to achieve a common set of outcomes. Colette’s projects focus on public health access and equity, early childhood development and education, K-12 education, and college access and success.

Colette joined Root Cause in 2006 to launch its research and nonprofit assessment work. Leveraging experience from the business sector on how data is used to inform investor expectations of performance, Colette led a team in researching social issues to publish best practices likely to lead to positive outcomes and assessing over a hundred nonprofits. Colette also led the development of the Peer Performance Exchange, which provided programs with independent analysis, benchmarking against the field, and peer learning.

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