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Social Impact Markets






This article, published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, reviews the launch of the Social Innovation Forum and the creation of a social impact market in Boston.

Social innovators that demonstrate they are creating outcomes should have easier access to resources in order to continue their development. In 2004, Boston experienced the launch of a new type of market, in which the Social Innovation Forum was formed, to allocate resources more efficiently to create social impact. A social impact market is a mechanism that provides the infrastructure, information, and incentives to enable individuals or institutions to provide financial, volunteer, or in-kind resources with the expectation of those resources resulting in social impact. This article explores how the private sector can create social impact by utilizing robust financial markets to allow innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish. This article focuses on:

  • Lessons learned from experiences developing social impact markets
  • How the private sector can create social impact
  • Early signs of social impact markets such as the development of the social impact bond.

Click here for the full article.

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