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Childhood Obesity Prevention


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Childhood Obesity Prevention: Social Issue Report


Childhood obesity prevention encourages development of healthy eating and exercise habits in children ages 2 to 19. Currently, obesity prevention encompasses a variety of programs that are often divided between those that focus on nutrition and those dedicated to physical activity.

Read our Social Issue Report on childhood obesity prevention, which includes: an overview of the social issue, an investment recommendation, information on the return on investment, and ways to take further action.

With childhood obesity on the rise, the current generation of American children may not outlive their parents, despite considerable advances in medicine and technology. Obesity is not only a problem affecting the quality of life of individuals; it also shapes communities and yields large-scale medical and workplace costs.

Childhood obesity prevention encourages the development of healthy eating and exercise habits in children ages 2 to 19 that will keep them from becoming overweight or obese. Addressing this issue requires holistic community initiatives that include policy and environmental changes, as well as programs that educate individuals about healthy behaviors. The reports below focus on direct service educational programs, which enable healthy habits to be developed and sustained.

Learn more about childhood obesity prevention in Massachusetts and New York.

Check out our Guides to Giving for donors and funders interested in childhood obesity prevention through nutrition and physical activity.



Social Issue Research (SIR) reports are a resource to help donors and funders learn about specific social issues affecting at-risk populations and identify high-performing organizations that are addressing those issues. Drawing on research and interviews with experts representing government, academia, nonprofits, and foundations, social issue reports provide an overview of the issue, populations affected by it, approaches to address it, and investment recommendations on how donors and funders can take action. The report is complemented by state reports that frame the issue in the local context and a method – a guide for donors – that provides criteria to evaluate organizations working to address the issue.

Table of Contents:

  • Social Issue Report Summary
  • Facts: Childhood Obesity in the United States
  • Social Issue Overview: Why Obesity Prevention Matters
  • Approaches to Childhood Obesity Prevention
  • Return on Investment
  • Investment Recommendation
  • Take Action
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