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Field Notes

April 2022 Newsletter

Erin Rodriguez
April 29, 2022

After a cold winter, it’s finally spring in Boston. In this season of blooming flowers and renewed growth, we are excited to debut our very first Root Cause Impact Report! Below are some highlights from 2021:  

  • In 2021, Root Cause completed 12 projects with 34 partners, including 20 nonprofits, 8 foundations, 3 school districts, 2 government agencies, and 1 medical center. (50% of our projects were with repeat partners!)
  • 33% of our projects focused on improving health and well-being, 25% on education and youth development, 17% on economic mobility, and 25% on multiple social issues.
  • We are proud of helping our partners advance college and career readiness, eliminate racial disparities in infant mortality and maternal health, strengthen STEM educational equity, promote healthy and fulfilling aging, reduce homelessness, and more.

Read below to learn more about Root Cause’s work in 2021 and contact us if we can help you advance your work and impact!

Abby Fung + Erin Rodriguez

Included in this Newsletter:

  • PUBLICATION: 2021 Root Cause Impact Report
  • CONFERENCE: The 2022 NPEA Conference: Reimagining Equity and Access for a New Educational Era

  • CONFERENCE: 2022 Collective Impact Action Summit: Diversifying Funding to Sustain Collective Impact


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