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CQI Case Studies

The YWCA Teen Parent Mentor Program (TPMP) helps teen mothers succeed in school, postpone subsequent births to beyond adolescence, and deliver and raise healthy, school-ready children.

CQI Goal

Establish centralized data management processes that are adaptable to internal and external performance outcome goals and use data to strengthen service delivery and diversify resources to meet the needs of young families.

CQI Cycle


Collect and organize internal and external reporting tools, performance measurement resources, and other materials that document data requirements and current practices, and design a simple inventory database.


Populate and review the data inventory and data collection processes and share the inventory with staff.


The YWCA Teen Parent Mentor Program Director collected feedback on data management practices  and identified a need to redesign staff meetings to include regular data review, checking in with the team about data management practices, and using data to inform programming. 


The Teen Parent Mentor Program Director will maintain a comprehensive data inventory, regularly discusses performance and improvement ideas, and is working to strengthen data management processes.


Data collection practices at TPMP had been limited by staff capacity rather than by an understanding of effective practices. 

Training on data collection is needed in order to strengthen overall performance measurement.

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