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CQI Case Studies



Care Management for High-Risk Pregnant Women (CMHRP)WIC

The Care Management for High-Risk Pregnant Women (CMHRP; formerly known as Pregnancy Care Management) provides free care management services in which nurses and social workers work with mothers and prenatal care providers to ensure women receive the best possible care while pregnant and up to sixty days after birth.

CQI Goal

Gather new data from families and partners, including referring OB/GYN providers, to better understand the barriers women face in participating in services and how to drive engagement of OB/GYN providers as referral partners. Use the data to improve service accessibility so that more women participate.

CQI Cycle


Develop survey questions to learn what drives family engagement with the program, barriers that prevent families from participating, what drives OB/GYN providers to refer their patients, and what value their practices derive from the CMHRP program.


Distribute and collect an OB/GYN practice survey to be completed by practice staff to better understand the above as well as identify opportunities for improvement.


Results from more than 40 surveys showed that OB/GYN partners and their patients receive significant value from the CMHRP program. The data suggested several improvements that could increase OB/GYN referrals and family participation: increase awareness of CMHRP among physicians and directors in practices in addition to front-line staff,  expand the time and role that Care Managers spend at practice locations, and advertise CMHRP’s value to OB/GYN practices.


CMHRP staff are digging further into the survey results and are defining improved ways to engage with OB/GYN practices.


We value the independent perspective and coaching. This was the first time the county Department of Health & Human Services worked with an independent organization to improve internal processes.  State partners are interested in what we are learning and how we are improving.

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