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CQI Case Studies

Referrals & Partnerships

Adopt-A-MomCare Management for At-Risk Children (CMARC)

Care Management for At-Risk Children (CMARC) is a program offered at no cost to families of children birth to 5 years of age who have long-term medical conditions, special healthcare needs, developmental delays, and/or have been exposed to toxic stress.

CQI Goal

Develop a process and tools to begin tracking, analyzing, reporting, and discussing data around results and challenges when CMARC Care Managers refer clients to external programs and resources.

CQI Cycle


Map currently tracked referral data, tools, and process; define new measures; and determine process and tools to track those measures.


Develop tracking process and tools to track the results of outgoing referrals and implement to collect data.


CMARC successfully gathered referral results data using the newly developed process and tools, identified some insights into where referrals work well or less well, and identified opportunities to work more closely with referral partners that are also participating in the Ready for School, Ready for Life CQI Cohort.


CMARC is now applying its learning to its role in supporting the design of the Get Ready Guilford Initiative county-wide navigation system and continues to identify new opportunities to better serve families through more effective referrals.


The CMARC team was highly engaged in the CQI process and energized to continue to learn and improve its referral process.

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