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Field Notes

Join Root Cause at the New York Funders Alliance Conference

September 12, 2019


To What End? Promoting Lifelong Success & Equity Across a Community


Anand Dholakia, Principal, Root Cause, & Jillian Rosen, Vice President for Community Investment, Ann Arbor Community Foundation


New York Funders Alliance Conference

Philanthropy Amplified: Impact in Complex Times

Hilton Albany, 40 Lodge Street, Albany, NY


11:45am – 1:00pm, Wednesday, September 11


The NYS Funders Conference is an opportunity for funders and philanthropic advisors across New York State to network, learn from each other, and consider new approaches to their work that ultimately will improve communities throughout the region.

This month, we’re excited to be speaking at the New York State (NYS) Funders Conference, Philanthropy Amplified: Impact in Complex Times.

Anand Dholakia will be leading a session along with Jillian Rosen, Vice President for Community Investment at the Ann Arbor Community Foundation. During their session, “To What End? Promoting Lifelong Success and Equity Across a Community,” Anand and Jillian will discuss promoting lifelong success and equity across an entire community, with a focus on cities, towns, and rural communities outside of major metro areas. Their session will provide grantmakers in these areas a chance to assess the situation in their community, understand people’s daily lived experience, and examine the systems that promote inequities in education, health, and economic security.  

Following this session, participants will gain:  

– A model for what lifelong success can look like, from a healthy birth, to a quality education, a well-paying job, and healthy and secure aging

Knowledge of how services and programs, systems, and broader conditions help or hinder people from achieving success, including how those conditions disproportionately impact people based on race, class, gender, immigration status, geography, and other factors

– Concrete methods to accurately assess local community needs, partner directly with community members to define the local situation, influence systems and policy, and engage a cross sector of key stakeholders through a collaborative process

– A framework to organize how programs and services, systems, capacity building, measurement and evaluation, networks, equity efforts, community engagement, and other individual ‘solutions’ can work together toward community-level goals

Click here for more information on the workshops at this conference. We look forward to meeting NY Funder Alliance members and friends. 

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