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Promise of Place: Building Beloved Communities For Black Men And Boys


Andrew Wolk

Latrina Kelly-James

Jameelah Morris

Tammy Tai

Robert Simmons

Sheba Rogers


Campaign for Black Male Achievement




Promise of Place spotlights the building blocks that promising cities for Black Male Achievement must utilize to improve the lives of Black men and boys in their communities.

This report measures and analyzes the work being done to advance Black Male Achievement across cities nationwide. The Promise of Place report utilizes the Black Male Achievement (BMA) City Index, which scores 50 cities according to their level of engagement and committed action on behalf of Black men and boys. The 10 cities with the highest scores are highlighted and in-depth profiles of how the top 3 cities – Detroit, MI; Oakland, CA; and Washington, DC – are improving the lives of Black men and boys are included. The Promise of Place also details the three areas where all cities must measurably do better to improve life outcomes for Black males :

  • Mobilizing a Black male achievement stakeholder community,
  • Reimagining how we perceive Black men and boys and
  • Developing and implementing a Black Male Achievement agenda to improve life outcomes for Black men and boys.
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