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Finding Common Purpose

As part of my continuing journey of allyship, I am reading Ibram X. Kendi’s book How To Be An Antiracist. While Kendi’s premise is so simple, what he asks us to do is, admittedly, difficult—because a “racist” is defined as “supporting a racist policy through actions or inaction or expressing a racist idea.” That means an antiracist is “one who is supporting an antiracist policy through actions or expressing an antiracist idea.”

Three words keep coming up for me on my journey: silence, complacency, avoidance.

That’s why the second part of my conversation on the Finding Common Purpose podcast with David Delmar Senties, “You’re Either with Me or Against Me,” is so relevant. As David puts it, there is no neutrality when it comes to systemic racism in the workplace. You have to pick a side.

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