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A group of people work together to collectively paint a pathway forward to a Common Purpose.

Is This Our Guaranteed Income Moment?

Andrew Wolk
May 25, 2020

What do Pope Francis, Richard Nixon, Martin Luther King, Jr., Charles Murray, and Andrew Yang all have in common?

They have all advocated for some form of guaranteed income as a critical way to help people get on and stay on what I call the Pathway to Lifelong Success. I’ve been writing about this topic over the past year, and in past blog posts have detailed some remarkable experiments taking place in Jackson, Mississippi, and Stockton, California. Both are showing positive results.

I’m no economist, but it seems that the moment for ramping up these sorts of experiments to a much larger scale, across the United States, is upon us. As the New York Times reported on May 9, “At least 20 million Americans are unemployed and a large share of the nation’s small businesses are shut and facing possible insolvency. Policy errors in the coming weeks could turn the 18 million temporary layoffs recorded in April into permanent job losses that could plunge the United States into a deep and protracted recession unrivaled in recent history.” Already, as I write this, the unemployment rate has risen to nearly 15 percent.

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