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Finding Common Purpose

Finding Common Purpose, a blog about building a 21st Century Social Contract so that more people are born healthy, gain a quality education, secure a well-paying job, and live a healthy and secure life. It is written by Andrew Wolk, founder & CEO of Root Cause.

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You Have to Pick a Side

7/13/2020 – As part of my continuing journey of allyship, I am reading Ibram X. Kendi’s book How To Be An Antiracist. While Kendi’s premise is so simple, what he asks us to do is, admittedly, difficult—because a “racist” is defined as “supporting a racist policy through actions or inaction or expressing a racist idea.”

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Allyship: Listening, Supporting, Acting

6/29/2020 – In my last blog post, I wrote that those of us who are White have an obligation to go on an intentional journey of allyship—no matter how messy and uncomfortable it may be.

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You Cannot Lead If You Don’t Understand Your White Privilege

6/9/2020 – About a week ago, I started listening to the Seeing White podcast and heard comedian D.L. Hughly say these words, “Trump is who we are.” If ever there was a moment when we as a nation must commit to being something different—particularly those of us like me who have power and privilege by virtue of being white—it is now.

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Is This Our Guaranteed Income Moment?

5/25/2020 – What do Pope Francis, Richard Nixon, Martin Luther King, Jr., Charles Murray, and Andrew Yang all have in common? They have all advocated for some form of guaranteed income as a critical way to help people get on and stay on what I call the Pathway to Lifelong Success.

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