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AAACF Washtenaw County Healthy & Fulfilling Aging Systems Research Report

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Community Engagement and Aging Justice: Perfect Together

In our last episodes of the Washtenaw Chronicles, we described our partnership with the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) to capture older adults’ aging experience and how well systems are working. The goal: guide its place-based strategy for driving systems change and achieving aging justice for the older adults living across Washtenaw County, MI.

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Community Engagement and the Expertise of Lived Experience

My latest experience partnering with older adults spurred an aha moment around the work of ‘community engagement.’

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Community Mapping and Engagement for Healthy Aging in Washtenaw County, MI

To address this dynamic, The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation is partnering with Root Cause to engage older adults and examine aging-related systems* across Washtenaw County. The goals of this project are to:

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